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How to take care of hair during monsoon

The monsoon arrives after a long summer. The season refreshes us, makes us feel alive, and relieves us from the intense heat of summer. However, this is also the season in which your body requires some additional care. You probably take great care of your body and skin, but hair is often overlooked. In short, hair care is essential in the rainy season!

Take care of your hair

Excessive humidity can lead to hair loss in the rainy season as the weather is sticky. It also increases the chances of dandruff, hair loss, and other problems. Your hair is in the weakest condition during this period, and therefore, you need to take maximum care of your hair.

So, follow the tips given below to reduce your hair problems this rainy season.

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Keep your hair dry

One of the most useful and straightforward hair care tips is to keep your scalp dry in the rainy season. Note that rainwater is dirty and acidic (around 5.6 pH) which is very bad for your hair. Use a soft microfiber towel that absorbs water faster and reduces friction between the hair and the towel, resulting in less hair loss.

Apply coconut oil

Applying coconut oil 15 minutes before shampooing helps to restore the hair. Pre-shampoo treatment with coconut oil lubricates the hair and reduces the water soaking your hair while washing. It also treats scalp problems in men and women.

Eat right

Diet plays a significant role in keeping your hair strong. What you eat regulates the quality of your hair. Include whole grains, including protein foods such as eggs, walnuts, dairy products, and greens, in your regular diet as they brighten your hair. And berries, nuts, spinach, and yams are the best foods for hair growth.

Choose a right comb

Do not comb your wet hair immediately as they are the weakest. Choose the right comb (wide-teeth) so that it can easily break your hair. Make sure there is enough space between the teeth of the comb so that the hair does not break while combing. Also, combing should be avoided to prevent fungal infections.

Helps short hair

One of the simplest tips to stop hair loss this season is to keep your hair short. This will greatly reduce the problem of hair loss as you will not pull long hair and put roots. Short hair also reduces the hassle of handling it.

Appropriate shampoo, conditioner, and serum

In the rainy season, your hair becomes dry, brittle, and curly. Excess moisture reduces hair shine and volume. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type will go a long way in keeping your neck in check. After shampooing, it is advisable to use a conditioner to give your hair extra volume and bounce. The conditioner will keep your hair shiny and lush for a long time. To top it all off, use good hair serum on damp hair that will keep your hair from getting brittle and brittle.

Ponytail and buns for defense

When outdoors, always tie your hair in a ponytail or bun to protect it from getting wet. This will prevent crunchiness and prevent all the extra problems of hair and scalp, such as itching on the scalp and accumulation of bacteria which can be caused by a frequent accumulation of rainwater on your hair.

Thus, the above hair care tips can be used in the rainy season to keep your hair healthy, safe and shiny even in the rainy season. With proper hair care, you can enjoy the rain even when it is wet. Still facing hair fall problems, visit Hair Loss Treatment in Pune.

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