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A Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Routine!

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Usually, Pregnancy is associated with glowing skin and thicker hair, all due to the hormones flooding your body. However, these same hormones can also cause some skin problems. When you find out you’rehaving a baby, your whole world changes. You will have to start taking better care of yourself and your body and your skincare routine and products will also have to be completely different.

During pregnancy, some women’s skin becomes clearer. Even products you’ve used successfully for years can cause problems.

finding the right pregnancy-safe skin care products

Get the best advice on how to safely care for your skin during pregnancy. Get tips and tricks on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the entire pregnancy journey.

Don’t worry moms. Before getting into the solutions and skincare products, let’s take a closer look at the skin problems that pregnant women often suffer from.

Skin changes during pregnancy

Among the many other changes your body undergoes as you undergo pregnancy hormones, you may notice some changes in your skin, including:

-Melasma, which causes discoloured skin on your face or neck
-Stretch marks
-Skin tags
-Increased sensitivity
-Excess sebum (an oily substance from your sebaceous glands), which can cause acne breakouts
-Excessive dryness in some areas

Best dermatologist Pune

Products to avoid during pregnancy

Retinol (products containing retinoids, usually anti-acne and anti-aging)

-Hydroquinone (skin-lightening agent)
-Salicylic acid
-Cosmetic treatments such as Botox, fillers, and lasers
-Products containing fragrance and essential oils, such as bath bombs and scented lotions
Oxybenzone is known to be an endocrine disruptor and should be avoided if possible, during pregnancy
-Chemical sunscreens

Ideal skincare routine to choose from –

  1. Gentle Cleanser: Choose a mild and fragrance-free cleanser to avoid dryness or irritation of the skin as the skin can be very dry and easily irritated during pregnancy.
  2. Load up on Moisturizer: Keep your skin moisturized because in some cases the skin gets extra shiny and dry but to avoid such problems it is really important to include a soothing moisturizer. Use morning and night without fail or reapply as needed.
  3. Always patch test: If your skin feels irritated after you apply a certain product, stop using it to see if the irritation goes away. You must put the product on hold (yes, even if it’s a favorite) until you deliver and your skin is back to normal.
  4. Take any acne treatment from your dermatologist because they know better
  5. Glow with Vitamin C: Vitamin C serum is completely safe to use during your pregnancy. It helps in tissue repair, healing, and keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Don’t forget your sunscreen (if used during the day) as vitamin C makes the skin more sensitive to the sun.
  6. Please ask your dermatologist which sunscreen is suitable

All would-be mamas deserve love and pampering without putting any harmful substances in their baby’s boo! Just keep your skincare routine simple and basic. Don’t stress, everything will be fine. Apply your moisturizer and make sunscreen your best friend, it will all be sorted. Consult the Best Dermatologist In Pune for better results.

Struggling to find a pregnancy-safe skincare routine? At Best Dermatologist Pune, we offer specialized treatments for pregnant women. Our experienced team of dermatologists will help you to keep your skin healthy during this special time.

Happy Motherhood!!

Best dermatologist Pune

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