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How To Figure Out Your Skin Type

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Every person’s skin is unique, but some common skin types can help you identify where your skin fits best.Skin care is essential for us. In the modern era where your face speaks for itself, no one can compromise its nutrition and health in any way, and to do so, you must acknowledge how your skin deals with everything around you.

To best take care of your personality, you need to know your skin type and understand what is beneficial for your type. Which cosmetic is most suitable for them and what kind of products you should use for the desired results, can all be taken into account. A person’s skin can range from oily to completely dry but sometimes not.

With a physical exam and a little experimentation, you can find out which type you fit in, even in the comfort of your own home.

Here are the 4 most familiar skin types:

Oily Skin– Oily skin looks greasy and shiny without much sweat activity and is prone to breakouts. In addition, due to sebum production from the sebaceous glands, such skin has large pores and develops blemishes over time. These pores may be open or moderately clogged depending on several factors.

Dry Skin – Sometimes your face, as well as your skin, feels hard or less soft. It occurs more frequently in people with dry skin than in those without. Having dehydrated skin is also not useful as it makes your face look dull. This skin is rough and shiny, which sometimes irritates. The face tightens and wrinkles can form with age.

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Normal skin is neither dry nor oily but depending on conditions such as external factors and weather, it can turn either dull.

Combination skin is familiar to many as the forehead, nose, and chin (commonly known as the T-zone) are slightly oilier than the rest of the face. As a result, some areas have specific spots and others are more obvious.

Some simple ways to identify your skin type:

-If your skin is prone to breakouts and feels sticky after the slightest workout, then oily skin is undoubtedly your type. To experience it, wash your face gently and pat dry with a soft towel and let it sit. If within half an hour you start feeling greasy on your face, then this is a sign.

-If not, take a piece of blotting paper and gently press it on different parts of your face. You will notice that in some places the oil starts to absorb more into the paper than in others. If so, you have a combination skin type. However, if the absorbed oil is even and less, it is an indication of normal skin, but if not or hardly responsible, your skin is dry.

-Another set of daily tryouts is when someone pulls your cheeks, irritating, right? If you have lines and wrinkles on your face or are stretched, it reduces the chances of oily skin becoming somewhat normal or dry.

Any of the above may be best for sensitive skin. However, regardless of that, any topical ointment can cause a red, itchy, and burning sensation on sensitive skin. For this reason, they are considered delicate to handle as they are irritable and vulnerable to harshness. Even the slightest rubbing can cause a rash or heavy application can cause burns. Sensitive skin is allergy-driven skin, but it differs from normal allergic rashes with inappropriate product application.

There are also environmental factors associated with skin type. People who live in humid and wet coastal areas tend to have more oily and less wrinkled skin than those who live in mountainous regions with cooler winds, while people who live in dry, hot climates such as deserts have less acne. Genetic factors also play a role in determining the majority of your skin’s complexion and characteristics.

For a more professional and accurate determination of your skin type, you can visit the Best Skin Doctor in Sinhagad Road and undergo treatment to find out what is best for you. You can also customize your skin do’s and don’ts with a skincare chart created just for you. Talking to Best Skin Specialist in Pune will also help you learn a lot.

best dermatologist in sinhagad road

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